Sippy allows several users to access and work with the softswitch simultaneously. The Users page allows you to create new Web Users or to log in as existing ones.  Web users are switch operators with specific access permissions. 

Each Web User can have his own username and password for log in to the web GUI.  Web GUI elements that users can see are limited in accordance with the user's Access Level.  See a detailed list of permissions for each Access Level here.

By default, the softswitch has two system users: the Default User ssp-root which represents the switch owner, and the Remote Assistance user that is used by Sippy's Support Team when some troubleshooting is required.

  • Language and Timezone settings of a User affect his own web GUI 
  • Download Format defines file extension for downloaded reports, .CSV or .XLSX format
  • E-Mail is the e-mail address where a password recovery e-mail would be sent if requested
  • Start Page defines the first page that a User sees upon a login
  • Web Access Control allows you to specify a list of IP addresses from which a User can log in. See more about security features here