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In order to set up Google Checkout payment processor you should create merchant account on  Google Checkout Merchant Center. Username and password used to access Google Checkout SHOULD NOT be used for setting up Google Checkout payment processor, as they won't work.

1. Login into  Google Checkout Merchant Center

2. Select Settings tab

3. Select Integration menu

4. Use Merchant ID and Merchant Key to set up Google Checkout payment processor in the Softswitch.

5. Check My company will only post digitally signed carts checkbox.

6. Set up API callback URL. You need to specify a URL that consists from:


      http:// + Softswitch_Web_Address + /utils/google_checkout_ + your_Merchant_ID + .php


  • Web address of your softswitch is
  • your Merchant_ID is 762801755099949
    then API callback URL is:

For test environment (sandbox) use URL like:
       http:// + Softswitch_Web_Address + /utils/google_checkout_testing_ + your_Merchant_ID + .php

7. Set Callback contents to Notification Serial Number.
8. Set API Version to Version 2.5
9. Check Notification Filtering checkbox

10. Save the changes

11. If you are going to charge your orders manually in  Google Checkout Merchant Center you can omit steps #6 and #7, but you have to check Manual Charge option in your payment processor (see picture bellow):