This application is used to get list of accounts belonged to customer.

Implementation details

From version 2.2

  • This function supports trusted mode in which case i_customer (integer) parameter should be supplied.


  • offset - skip fist offset records. Integer. Optional.
  • limit - return only limit records. Integer. Optional.


  • result - OK means that query was successful. String.
  • accounts - an array containing structures:
    • i_account - Integer.
    • username - String.
    • description - String.
    • blocked - Boolean.
    • expired - Boolean.
    • balance - Double.
    • credit_limit - Double.
    • base_currency - String.
    • registration_status - Structure as returns getRegistrationStatus() or Null if account is not registered.
  • XMLRPC fault in case of any error.


Unlike createAccount()  and getAccountInfo()  functions, this function does not invert the balance, it returns positive number for the positive balance and negative number for positive balance.