This application is used to authenticate an account using its WEB login and WEB password credentials.


    • username - username to login to selfcare interface. String. Required this or email.
    • email - email of the account to be used as an account identifier. String. Required this or username.
    • password - password to login to selfcare interface. String. Required.
    • i_customer -you have to pass i_customer parameter only when use authAccount() in trusted mode.


    • result - OK means that account has been successfully authenticated. String.
    • i_account - i_account of authenticated account. Integer.

    • XMLRPC fault in case of any error.
    • Error code 410 is returned when account was successfully authenticated by One Time Password (see resetAccountOneTimePassword()).

NOTE: If more than one account has the same email address then the authentication with this email is impossible, you will receive XMLRPC Fault with message 'More than one account matched'.