Allows to retrieve all attributes of a given account. To be found the account is to belong to the customer that authenticated the request, unless trusted mode is used.


  • i_account (integer) or account's username (string). Required


All the attributes of the account in a form of structure. The account's attributes are identical to input parameters of the createAccount()  function.

Trusted mode

This function supports trusted mode in which case any account of any customer can be queried.



For historical reasons the function returns negative number for positive balance and positive number for the negative balance. Client-side code needs to handle this condition.

Example of how to get account info via CURL tool:

curl -v -k --digest -u CustomerA:pass123 -d '<?xml version="1.0"?> 

<methodCall> <methodName>getAccountInfo</methodName> 


<member><name>i_account</name> <value><int>3</int></value> </member>