accountAddFunds(), accountCredit() and accountDebit()

These applications allow to refund or charge the Account's balance with the specified sum.


These functions receive struct with the following fields:

Mandatory fields

  • i_account (integer) - ID of account. Integer.
  • amount - amount to refund or charge. Double.
  • currency - currency in iso_4217 format (3 letters). String.

Optional fields

  • payment_notes - String
  • payment_time - time of the payment in '%H:%M:%S.000 GMT %a %b %d %Y' format (e.g. 09:57:29.000 GMT Wed Nov 18 2009). (from version >= 5.0). String.


The function returns:

  • result - 'OK'
  • XMLRPC fault in case of any error.

Python Example