The following functions are only available to a root customer user.


Get monitoring graph. This call supports trusted mode.


  • type - what graph to get. String. Required. Allowed values are:
    • bandwidth_in_use
    • throughput
    • bandwidth_in_use_perenv
    • throughput_perenv
    • cpu_load
    • disk_load
    • call_processing_time
    • call_processing_time_total (only for root env)
    • calls_in_progress
    • calls_in_progress_total (only for root env)
    • calls_per_second
    • calls_per_second_total (only for root env)
  • start_date - start date of the graph, format is '%H:%M:%S.000 GMT %a %b %d %Y' (e.g. 09:57:29.000 GMT Wed Nov 18 2009). String. Optional. Default is 12 hours ago.
  • interval - graph interval in seconds. Integer. Optional. Default is 12 hours.
  • width - width of the graph in pixels. Integer. Optional. Default is 330.
  • height - height of the graph in pixels. Integer. Optional. Default is 120.
  • timezone - what timezone use on graph. String. Optional.
  • i_environment - return graph for specified environment. Integer. Optional. Can be used only in root environment.


  • result - OK means that operation successful. String.
  • graph - base64 encoded graph in PNG format. String.
  • XMLRPC fault in case of any error.