OpenVPN Client Configuration

The OpenVPN software is free and can be downloaded from here: The latest 2.1.x version is recommended.

To use the OpenVPN client with the Sippy softswitch a config file should be created and several key files should be taken from the Sippy server. The configuration file is a simple text file, which should contain the text which is given below. Please note that under Windows this file should have the name like client.ovpn or any other name with the extension '.ovpn'


dev tap
proto udp

resolv-retry infinite


ca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key
cipher AES-128-CBC
verb 3

Substitute the YOUR_VPN_IP_HERE with your real VPN IP. Also substitute the PORT with a real port number which can be either 53, 1434, 5900, 40073, 21127, 36824, 51427 or 65266.

The files ca.crtclient.crt and client.key should be taken from the Sippy server. They are located on the server in the /home/ssp/etc/openvpn/keys/ directory. You should place these files in the same directory where the configuration file resides. For security reasons keep these files secret. Please do not copy any other key files from the server to the client machine.

To start the OpenVPN client under Windows you should right-click the configuration file and select the 'Start OpenVPN on this config file' menu item.

And under a UNIX-like system run:

openvpn --config client.conf