Flowchart Overview

Customer and Vendor/Supplier Flowcharts will help guide you through the basic setup of your Sippy Softswitch.

The "Simple Sippy Setup" has been divided into two categories to attempt to shed light on two sides of your Softswitch business, and how to simplify the setup of each side. The first step is to configure the switch with information of how it will distribute and handle calls on the Vendor/Supplier Facing setup, then to determine the structure of the service side of your business with Customer Facing setup. 

Step 1

Vendor/Supplier Facing setup is the basis of your call termination and routing. This side of your Sippy Softswitch includes the Vendors, Destination Sets and Routing Groups tabs on the Customer menu. These elements determine your own termination costs respecting vendors, routing rules and preferences associated with running your business.

Step 2

Customer Facing setup is the basis of your charges to your customers. This side of your Sippy Softswitch includes the Tariffs, Service Plans, Accounts and Customers tabs on the Customer Menu. These elements determine your business setup respecting the charges and plans you set for your customers, and who your customers are!

These Flowcharts are created as 'flash card' type guide to take the confusion out of terminology of the switch from face value. More detailed information and step by step screenshot setup can be found under each of the System Elements.

Once the initial setup has been configured following these charts, your Sippy team will be able to tailor a training session to assist in completing the setup of your business utilizing the Sippy Softswitch!

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