Callshop configuration:

1. Login to the root web interface;

2. In the Customers menu please choose some customer for the callshop business(see below)

  • Сallshop Enabled – checked (and press save button);

3. Login to the callshop customer.

4. In the Accounts menu you should create the required count of accounts with needed parameters(Account Name, Web Password, service plan etc.).

  • for the balance credit limit please set 0 (and press save button);

5. In the Preferences menu you can specify behaviour on START/STOP click(which will use in the Callsop menu).

  • Use the default values after START clicking (possible to specify in the section "Defaults" of the Preferences menu) or choose values after START clicking(in the step 5);
  • Set check in the "Start on Stop" section;
  • Choose "Open Receipt" if you want to provide the invoice(see attach below) for user after clicking STOP in the CallShop menu;

6. Then in the Callshop menu will exist our accoounts (which were created in the prev. steps).
  • Choose account and click START button;
  • You should specify the Prepaid Amount and Credit Limit(if not default values in Preferences);

7. Now user can use this account for calls;