vendorAddFunds(), vendorCredit() and vendorDebit()

These applications allow to refund or charge the Vendors's balance with the specified sum.

The methods are applicable for all Sippy version starting from 4.0



  These functions receive structure with the following fields:

  Mandatory fields

  • i_vendor - which vendor to update. Integer.
  • amount - amount to refund or charge. Double.
  • currency - currency in which the amount specified. String.

  Optional fields

  • payment_notes - String.
  • payment_time - time of the payment in '%H:%M:%S.000 GMT %a %b %d %Y' format (e.g. 09:57:29.000 GMT Wed Nov 18 2009). (from version >= 5.0). String.


  The function returns:

  •   result - 'OK'
  •   XMLRPC fault in case of any error.