This article provides information and instructions for routing calls to Vendors where the Vendor's gateway has a Dynamic IP address or is behind NAT.


  • Create a domain name for the Vendor's gateway.
  • Create a connection with the environment's IP address (see the scenario below):

You have to create two Accounts (for example 666001 and 666003) and a special connection (with IP address of environment, name - "local connection").

First, Account 666001 will receive calls and route them to our "local connection".

In the connection properties you have to specify CLD Translation rule:


Result will be something like this:

[ssp-root@demo-slave ~]$ python /home/ssp/sippy/ 's/^/666003;cld=/' 380663833754
and the IP of your environment. 

Add a second Account 666003 to your environment so you can use it for gateway registration (gateway will be the same as UA, Customer should register the 666003 Account on the gateway of his Vendor).

The result will be that the connection will send calls to the Account 666003.

See screenshot of your connection:

With this configuration Sippy will send the following To: header

To: <sip:666003;cld=380663833754@>

Removal of "666003;cld" is possible with the assistance of the Support team.