Commission Agent Overview

Commission Agent - A Commission Agent is a Customer or Account that receives a fixed percentage commission from every call made by the account/any account of some particular customer.
Commission Size, % - the size of the commission, expressed as a percentage. For example, if you want to set 15% of commission, set it as 15.

If a negative symbol, " - " is configured in the commission size, % field, before the commission value, the agent will pay commission to the Account or another customer instead of receiving the commission for their every call.

As a result for the case you assign the Commission agent to an Account, you'd be able to see 2 CDRs:

 - cdr for an Account (actual call)

 - commission for the customer

For the positive commission size, the cost of the second CDR would be <0 (negative value), which means that this amount of money is added to the customer's balance.

There is a possibility to set the Commission agent only for an account/customer of the same level of hierarchy.

Example 1:

Customer C1 has sub-customer C2-2 and accounts a4, a5 and a6. Sub-customer C2-2 could be configured as the commission agent for the particular account a4 or a5 or a6.

Example 2:

Customer C1 has sub-customer C2-2 and sub-customer C2-1 whereas the last one has sub-customer C3. Sub-customer C2-2 could be configured as the commission agent for sub-customer C2-1, and would get the commission for every call that is placed by a3 account belonging to C3 customer and both a1-a2 accounts belonging to sub-customer C2-1.

Configuring the customer as the Commission agent

1. Open the account you want to get Commission agent assigned to.

2. Assign as the Commission agent the customer who will act in this role (Customer of the same level of hierarchy as account)

3. Configure some percentage of Commission size

4. Save the changes.