This IVR application could be used for checking the cdrs recording, and to check the call termination without sending the call to the real vendor.
Two cdrs are expected:
  • cdr on the origination size
  • cdr on the termination side

Call routing setup

  1. Add vendor connection. Set the Asterisk's host/port in the Destination field of Vendor Connection (ex:
  2. Set the CLD Translation Rule for the connection to the value s/^/ssptest/
  3. Add this connection to the routing group
  4. Place the call through the account using this connection 

You'd be able to hear the IVR, that pronounces the CLD you've dialed and the CLI that has been used.

Only numeric parts of CLD and CLI would be pronounced.
Both vendor and customer cdrs would be available after the call is over.

Feature is available since 4.3 version of the Sippy.