This application allows to read the SDP messages which were passed during the call.

The application supports trusted mode and i_customer parameter of the ID of the customer who owns the account that made the call should be supplied in this case.


  • i_call - unique i_call value of the call. Integer.


  • result - OK means that query was successfully. String.
  • records - an array containing structures for each SDP linked to this call:
    • time_stamp - timestamp of the record in '%H:%M:%S.000 GMT %a %b %d %Y' format (e.g. 09:57:29.000 GMT Wed Nov 18 2009). String.
    • i_calls_sdp - unique i_calls_sdp value of the record. Not null if SDP relates to Caller. Integer.
    • sdp - multiline SDP record related to the requested call. String
    • i_cdrs_connection - unique i_cdrs_connection value of the record. Not null if SDP relates to Callee. Integer.
    • sip_msg_type - Type of SIP message where such SDP was received (e.g. INVITE, 183, 200, etc.) String
  • i_customer - i_customer of a customer. Integer.
  • XMLRPC fault in case of any error.