Available since: V4.5

Allows to retrieve all attributes of an environment. The application is available only for root customer and only in the first environment.

Implementation details

This application supports trusted mode in which case i_customer (integer) parameter should be supplied.

Mandatory parameters:
  • i_environment - i_environment of updated environment. Integer.


  • result - OK means that query was successful. String.
  • environment - structure containing all attributes of the environment. The attributes are identical to input parameters of the createEnvironment() function. Several additional attributes are returned:
    • enabled - whether the environment started. Boolean.
    • suspend_date - date when the environment was suspended, format is '%H:%M:%S.000 GMT %a %b %d %Y' (e.g. 09:57:29.000 GMT Wed Nov 18 2009). String.
    • pending_action - queued action. String. See queueEnvironmentAction() for more information.

  • XMLRPC fault in case of any error.