The following functions are only available to the root customer user.

The application supports trusted mode and i_customer parameter should be supplied in this case.

These functions work with the system_config* tables only and do not affect the system table.


Retrieve configuration. Returns all known keys and their current values. Available since: V4.5


  • key - Result should be returned for this key only. String. Optional.


  • config - list of configuration records where each record contains the following fields:
    • key - String
    • current_value - String
    • default_value - String


Set a configuration value. Available since: V4.5


  • key - The key name. Only values which are present in the system_config_defaults table are allowed. String.
  • value - The value. String.
Returns nothing


Setting the keys for the following system parameters should not be done if you are running OpenSIPs 3.1 or lower.  Attempting to do so will prevent OpenSIPs from loading properly and will impact your call traffic as the system reloads the configuration change.  If you would like to enable and use the hep_tracing features this should only be enabled through the web interface.

  • sip/hep_tracing/enabled
  • sip/hep_tracing/local_port
  • sip/hep_tracing/collector