This Payment Processor is available starting from Sippy 2020.

With it switch operator is able to receive payments from his client using PayPal provider - all details like credit card number, expiration, CVV2/CVC2 are entered on PayPal during payment and not kept on Sippy's side.

 In order to accept payment via PayPal it's required to:

  1. Create and configure REST API application on PayPal developer site. For more information please read Manage your applications.
  2. PayPal portal self-care screenshots of the pages (taken from PayPal portal on Jul 6, 2018) where you can get Client ID and Secret:

  3. Add payment processor on Sippy Softswitch. Use PayPal REST API V2 payment gateway to accept PayPal payments (starting from Sippy 2020)
  4. Configure API Credentials - the sandbox (Test) or live (Production) account Client ID and Secret used to make API calls:
  5. Example of the payment page: