This applications is used to get system dictionaries. It is available since version 5.0.


Implementation details

This application supports trusted mode in which case i_customer (integer) parameter should be supplied.



  • name - Name of dictionary. String. Required.


  • result - 'OK'. means that operation successful. String.
  • dictionary - the requested dictionary. Structure.

List of supported dictionaries:

languages - returns the list of defined languages. Requires an additional parameter:

  • type - type of languages. String. Possible values are:
    • 'web' - return the dictionary defined for web localization
    • 'ivr' - return the dictionary for IVR-subsystem localization 

export_types - return the the list of defined export types.

currencies - return the the list of available currencies for authenticated customer.


timezones - return the the list of available timezones.

media_relay_types - return the list of available media-relay types.


media_relays - return the list of available media-relays.


protocols - return the list of available protocols.

proto_transports - returns the list of available protocol transports. (Available since version 2021)


qmon_actions - return the list of available actions for quality monitoring on vendor connection

forward_did_modes - return the list of possible DID Forward Modes for an incoming route.

upload_types - return the list of supported upload types. (Starting from 5.1)

privacy_modes - returns the list of possible value of privacy mode on connection. (Starting from 5.1)

tariff_types - returns the list of defined tariff types. (Available since version 2020)

ssl_certificate_types - returns the list of SSL certificates types. (Available since version 2021)

ca_list_types - returns the list of CA list types. (Available since version 2021)

ssl_use_domain_types - returns the list of domain types used for the CA list and SSL certificates.(Available since version 2023)

trunk_policies - returns the list of available trunk policies. (Available since version 2023)