This documentation details the steps of setting up a payment gateway to use top-up vouchers.

Vouchers allow users to top-up the balance of their accounts using the pre-uploaded set of cards:

Top-up may be done via the web GUI, IVR application, or xmlapi.

To activate a top-up feature, please add a new Payment Processor with an appropriate Payment Gateway.

See example on the screenshot:

SippySoft supports two types of payment gateways related to the use of vouchers:

  1. Vouchers;
  2. Vouchers with a PIN;

The 1st option allows the use of vouchers with or without a PIN.  A PIN would be requested only for vouchers where the PIN is configured (more flexible option).

The 2nd option (with a PIN) will always force the IVR to request a PIN for the registered voucher (more secure).

When the appropriate gateway is added for the voucher's use, the Sippy Softswitch will automatically activate an additional page on the Account's web self-care interface. Thus an Account would be able to top-up his balance by use of the known voucher id:

SippySoft supports the use of an Account to create a voucher for top-ups - this requires changes on the backend of the Softswitch.
When so configured, SippySoft will permit the use of the Account's username for the top-up of other Accounts. Thus, users would be allowed to top-up their Account by knowing the id/username (digits) of the Account.

That being said all balance of entered account would be transferred to the authenticated account accordingly.

How to activate vouchers for sub-customers

  1. Go to the Permissions page and tick the three check boxes marked below (for the intended customer of course):

  1. Click the "Set" button on the right side of the page. This will save changes you've made:

  1. That's it. Customer is now able to create vouchers.
  2. Create vouchers on the customer's web self-care interface:

Top-up vouchers behavior between different versions (comparison table)

Voucher setup
IVR is denied
to ask PIN
Behavior 4.55.0/5.1/5.2
IVR requests secret PINRecharge successfulIVR requests secret PIN
Recharge successful
Vouchersno PINTRUEnoyesnoyes


no PINFALSEnoyesnoyes

Vouchers with PINno PINTRUEnoyesnono


no PINFALSEnoyesnono