The binary upload facility has been developed to add an ability of bulk upload of system entities.

As of version 5.1 binary upload is supported only for Routes (Destination Sets) and Rates (Tariff).

It's planned to expand this functionality further in future versions.

How it works

There are two generic XMLAPI methods to upload binary files:

The whole process is as follows:

  • the softswitch operator initiates a file upload by generating new upload token. He should call getUploadToken() method with specifying system entity that needs to be altered. Also the operator can define the date and time when the file should be processed. The method returns an unique token to identify this exact upload and an unique URL where the file are to be uploaded to.
  • the operator uploads the file at the unique URL.
  • the operator can check the status of processing of uploaded file using getUploadStatus(). When the processing is done the getUploadStatus() returns URL where the detailed report can be downloaded from.

Details of implementation

  • the file is to be uploaded using POST method and chunked transfer encoding.
  • the report is available only on node where the file has been uploaded on.
  • when the file processing is completed, the report is available by default only for one week.
  • when the uploaded file is being processed, the WEBUI does not allow to upload/modify/delete system entities related to the tariff/Destination set that is processed.