Method available starting from 5.1 version of Sippy

The application supports trusted mode and i_customer parameter should be supplied in this case.

Get a status of an upload



  • result - OK means that operation successful. String.
  • status - the status of processing of uploaded file. String.
  • process_on - date and time when start processing the file. String.
  • expires_on - date and time when the system stops any attempts to process the file. String.
  • status_changed_on - date and time when the status has been changed. String.
  • url - URL where the report can be downloaded from. String.

Implementation details

Status would get changed only in case the file is uploaded, possible values:

  • FAIL
  • DONE

After INIT_TOKEN the file upload should be done, then next status would be FILE_UPLOADED, and PROCESSING at specified process_on, then either FAIL (unsuccessful update, unable to parse content, update with errors, etc) or DONE(successful processing of all rows with commands, no errors generated).

PROCESSING means that the new php process would be started and start processing the uploaded file. Case the PROCESSING lasts for more then 1 day, the upload task would be dropped, with setting status to FAIL

The url is returned only when the file has been processed.