If you are not using a VoIP 911 solution provider, you can find additional details on Voip-info.org, a list of providers includes:

  • 911Broadcast - provides emergency 911 calling systems and services.
  • 911Enable Provide your customers with E911 VoIP service at the lowest cost!!
  • 911ETC E911 Fully Managed Service for VoIP
  • Bulk911 E911 provisioning with simple and upfront billing, rates starting at $0.72 per TN per month. No contract required.
  • Broadvox is a leading wholesale VoIP service provider that delivers reliable VoIP solutions for domestic and international businesses. Get better e911 service for your customers with text-to-911 and provision your on-net and off-net phone numbers.
  • Emergency Broadcasting - Database Systems Corp. provides emergency notification systems using voice broadcasting and computer telephony technology.
  • MultiAlert911 - E911 with Alerts - You don't have to be suck with your current provider's prices! Switch over to MultiAlert911 while still fulfilling your contract's minimum commit & get free credit for it. Provision DIDs from any provider. E911 service for VoIP with innovative Alerts. Alerts feature instantly alerts 5 other parties when caller dials 911. Lowest E911 cost & wholesale pricing. Visit www.MultiAlert911.com
  • MultiTEL - Providing simple E911 provisioning API (with programming samples) and E911 connectivity. No contract required.
  • NexVortex - Business grade SIP trunking provides e911, Directory Assistance, SIP termination, conferencing
  • VOIP 911 Service Providers.

When a "911" call is made, it is normally routed to the nearest PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) from where the call connects to the local carrier exchange. As an example, if you were to be hosting a customer in Naples, but you interconnect with the carrier in Miami - it is possible that the call will be routed to the Miami PSAP centre, causing additional issues in delivering timely emergency services.  Please also note that if you are the primary service provider for 911 calls, you are also potentially legally and financially at risk if for any reason the 911 call is routed to the wrong centre and the delay causes injury or death.

One possible option to resolve your situation is to set a CLD for 911 callers for each of your accounts with the following authentication rule:

Click add to create a new authentication rule under any account:

In the properties of an authentication rule you have to set "Incoming CLD/DNIS = 911" (like on below's screenshot) and additional possible authentication parameters to make your rule secure and disallow somebody to call

to 911 via your account. You can specify additionally "Remote IP Address" from which traffic will arrive to your Sippy Softswitch or some exact "Incoming CLI/ANI" or even both parameters for call authentication.

NOTE: SippySoft highly recommend to use a combination of parameters for authentication of Incoming traffic (for example "Incoming CLD/DNIS" and "Remote IP address")

This may, or may not work for your setup - more details on how your clients are configured would be required, to assist further.

If some static CLI should be always sent from account to the emergency Provider, you can specify the needed number in 'CLI Translation Rule' of your authentication rule. You can just set the number or make some rule that will replace only some particular CLI's that for example starts from +570:

Resulting number: 2222123456789

More details about Number translations you can find in the following documentation: