When your receive your very first welcome email from Sippysoft with login details, please do the following:

1) Copy the provided link from the email and paste it to the convenient for you browser.

2) On the login page you will see the "Forgot your password?" option.

3) Click on it and you will see the following page:

5) Paste the received username from email to the "Username" field like on the above screenshot;

6) Leave the "Login Level=Customer" and then click a "Submit" button;

7) In result you will see the following message:

8) Check your own mailbox that you provided to Sippy Support for password reset and  find the received email with a temp password.

9) Click "Back to login page" button like on the above screenshot and set "Username" and the received to your own mailbox temp password.

10) Click the "Login" button.

11) System would ask you to update the password from temporary to your own one.

12) So please set a new password in the related fields and you will get an access to the web interface of Sippy Softswitch. 

If some additional information is needed, feel free to leave your feedback on support@sippysoft.com email.