Feature Description:

The new feature added in 4.4 version of Sippy as a checkbox on Account preferences and Account Class. Note: setting from Account's class is applied only to newly created Account.

Playing ringback is normally the duty of UA, or Vendor, though there are some usage cases for Sippy to play it from its side, listed below.

The feature could also be used case Caller's UA is misconfigured/is outdated and is unable to play ringbacktone to the Caller.

With Generate Ringbacktone enabled Sippy plays rings to the Caller on call's provisioning stage, case 180/183 messages were received from Vendor, up to receiving and processing 200OK from Vendor.

Usage cases:

  • case Vendor¬†sends 183 Session Progress first followed with 180 Ringing message. Such order could cause some of the UA to be unable to play ringbacktone when packets are sent to the¬†Caller

Supported codec formats for the feature:

  • g711u (0)
  • g711a (8)
  • g723 (4)
  • g729 (18)
  • GSM (3)