Case #1: Call via DID number to the registered account

1. For DID numbers management, Sippy has a separate page in main menu. Click "Add" button to add a new DID number with all needed properties to your Sippy Software system:

2. Set the incoming from your DID provider a DID number in fields "DID" and "Incoming DID/CLD" for the authentication of the incoming Sip request. 

Then click "Save&Close" button.

3. For the additional authentication of incoming traffic by remote IP, you need to open "Vendors" menu and add a new Vendor/Connection with DID provider's IP from which traffic will arrive to Sippy:

4. Then open "DID Pool" page -> properties of some DID and set in the "Authentication Rules" section an appropriate "Vendor/Connection":

5. Then click on "Assigned to" and assign your DID number to some account (or IVR application). In result the incoming call to the DID number, system will route to some particular account (or IVR application):

6. If your call should be routed from the "DID" entry to the registered account, please check if it was set in the "Incoming routing" of the assigned to the DID account:

7. If your call isn't reaching the registered on account device, please check if the routing group that account use has "Use Connection" parameter installed to the "Default" value: