Virtual Environment(s), also referred to as Virtual Partition(s)

* NOTE:  Virtual Environments are only available for purchased and/or rented Sippy Softswitch Licenses

A Virtual Environment (or Partition) is similar to a virtual machine,  each Environment having its own set of Administrators, Customers, Vendors, Tariffs, Routes, and Billing Options.  This makes it a safe way to seperate differenent business offerings without affecting commerical operations.  For example. seperating Retail Offerings from Wholesale offering, or to provide a virtual softswitch solution to a customer/vendor. 

Virtualization is valuable to service providers wishing to offer their customers/vendors  more options, whilst maintaining the exsting operations securely.   It is possible to cap the capacity provided on a virtual environment, for example, if you have 2000CC capacity, you may wish to allocate a up to 200CC and maybe 40CPS to the additional environment (the amout you allocate is completely up to you).  


As the administrator of the whole switch, you have the ability to access the Virtual Environments at anytime.  Whereas, the Virtual Envrionment Administrator can ONLY administrate his own environment.



You can run multiple virtual environments (virtual environments cannot run virtual environments);  we recommend a maximum of between 10 - 15 enviorments on a single server (hardware permitting) as each environment does consume hardware resources to operate.