Hello All

We want to make sure our customers have a good idea of how and when we decide about when a version of our software is moved to End of Support and the rationale behind it all.

What Versions of our software are currently supported products?

Sippy SoftSwitch 5.0

Sippy Softswitch 5.1

Sippy Softswitch 5.2

What versions are at End Of Support?

Sippy Softswitch 4.5 and 4.5_dv and earlier

How does End of Support work?

We keep 3 production versions under support.  This will always be our 3 latest versions of our software.  This will always be our newest release and two fairly stable builds.  When we move a release to End of Support this means that we will no longer be working on any new functionality, patches, or security updates for this version of our software.  If a patch had previously been created but not deployed we can certainly apply those patches but no new patches will be created.

How do I Update from end of support versions?

Updates are available from our support team if you are under an active support agreement.  These are included in our standard support agreements and we would prefer to keep everyone on a recent version as much as possible.  We understand that this isn't always possible.  If you happen to be on an older version then you can always still upgrade to a newer version but this may come with an additional cost or it may be easier to configure your system from scratch on the latest version.

Will my old software continue to work?

Absolutely.  Phone services are often business critical and scheduling maintenance is not always feasible or in your organizations best interest.  While we don't recommend it updating your software will always offer you a greater array of new and innovative features, security fixes, and improvements.  Once we move a release to end of support however the softswitch will continue to operate with the same reliability that you have enjoyed since installation.

Future Products and End of Support Timelines?
As mentioned we try to keep 3 production versions of our software under support.  Ending the support of one release will typically co-inside with the release of another.  When we release a Alpha releases of our next release we will make an announcement outlining our plans to end support for the oldest supported version.  This will give our users enough time to begin testing the next update and decide if they are ready to move forward with the changes we have made.  We schedule the actual end of support roughly 1 month following the release to production version.  Some extensions may be provided for Partners who typically have several servers that may need to be updated.

When Will the next Version be moved to end of Support?

Our Sippy SoftSwitch 5.0 versions of our soft switch will be the next version to be moved to End of Support.  We are planning this to occur within the first quarter of 2020.  5.1 Will be the next version to be moved to End of support and occur during 2020.

What Versions of FreeBSD and PostgreSQL are supported by Version?

This question will depend on what version of our software you use.  For the latest information please check the following article on FreeBSD and PostgreSQL supported Versions.