This Payment Processor is available starting from Sippy 5.0.  Credit card details are entered and stored on Sippy side.

In order to accept payment via Authorize.Net it's required to:

  1. Login to your Authorize.Net account as Merchant or to sandbox account 
  2. For sandbox account open Account-Settings-Security settings-API credentials & Keys and get there API Login ID and obtain new Transactional key (or use existing credentials)
  3. If needed, change the list of supported card types in Account-Settings-Security settings-Processor-Payment Types Accepted, e.g. add/remove the ability to receive payments from Visa cards etc.
  4. Setup new Payment Processor in Sippy on Customers-Payments-Payment Processors. Set in Username the API Login ID and in Password the Transactional key
  5. Upon performing of payment choose Card Type that matches the previously configured for Payment Processor, Base Currency of payer should match the Currency configured in Payment Processor.
  6. It's also possible to add the Card in Debit/Credit cards for Account/Customer for quicker payments and automatic charges.