Every call passed through SippyPBX is recorded to the internal hard drive as a sound file. You can then listen to the recordings and browse the call records online.  But even if the storage capacity of SippyPBX is big, still it is limited. So the solution is to periodically move the old records to external media,  such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and free up the space for recording new calls. 

Each backup set is assigned its own unique ID. So if you can still listen to the call which was made several months ago and is not available on the SippyPBX internal storage anymore you will be prompted to insert the CD or DVD with the required ID into the drive,  and SippyPBX will retrieve the necessary file automatically. 

Activation of the Call Recording:

Please note, every extension may use its own "Extension classes" which you may create in the "Telephony" -> "Extension Classes" section menu.

1. Create a new "Extension Class" with an enabled Call Recording feature in a setting of a new "Extension Class"

Or you may edit the existing "Extension class" (eg default one):

2) Set check "Allow Recording" in "Extension Classes" to enable the "Call Recording" feature on this particular class:

3) Assign the new "Extension Class" with the enabled "Call Recording" feature to the needed extension.

Go to "Extensions" and press edit for the needed extension:

4) Specify the needed "Class" and press "Apply" button.