Starting from 2023 version a new functionality was added on top of OpenSIPS 3.4 - export of SIP log data to the remote system like Kamalio or Homer for further analysis.

This was made possible with the usage of proto_hep module

Setup from Sippy side allows to set three parameters in system_config:

  • system/sip/hep_tracing/enabled - true to enable, false to disable feature
  • system/sip/hep_tracing/local_port - some unused local UDP and TCP port, export would be performed from this port on any IP assigned to an Environment.
  • system/sip/hep_tracing/collector - parameters of remote system where to send the logs to. E.g.; transport=tcp; version=3
  • possible values for transport are udp and tcp
  • possible values for version are 1,2,3

Could be shortened based on the following rules:

  • No transport is provided, e.g.; version=2 - configuration defaults to transport=udp
  • No transport is provided, e.g.; version=3 - configuration defaults to transport=tcp
  • No version provided - configuration defaults to specified transport, version=3
  • No version nor transport are provided - configuration defaults to version=3 and transport=tcp
  • transport=tcp works only with version=3, setting any other version would cause export to be done via UDP