Your backup options are important to consider.  Disaster can strike at any time.  Power outages, fire, or flooding can have serious impacts to how your business operations work so it’s important to have clear contingency plans available to you. 

Cloud backups offer the peace of mind you need to maintain a recent record of all the activity that occurs on your switch in a safe offsite location in a secure manner.

It's Safe

It's Secure

It's Scalable

And it's all stored on Amazons S3 Servers.

This feature is fully supported starting from Sippy 2020 and works on top of Automatic Database Backup:

once the backup is generated your data will be encrypted utilizing a randomly generated session ID as well as a master public key that is stored safely with Sippy.  The backup files are then securely uploaded to Amazon S3 servers with the hope that they are never used.

In the rare event needs to be recovered our support team will be available to help bring your system up and running be it on a freshly provisioned system or restoring your existing system from the backup.  

Two keyholders from our Support team and Management team will be needed to decrypt your data from the Sippy Side preventing any unauthorized access to your critical data.  Once two key holders provide their keys a deployment system will automatically begin decrypting your saved data and deploy it on the destination system you need the data on.  You are fully protected from bad actors who may try to use your data in bad faith as a result.

To Enable Encrypted Cloud backups please contact our Sales team for more information.