This IVR application will be used to play a tone that can be used to troubleshoot audio issues with calls.  This IVR application can be assigned to a DID number and will continuously play a tone when the DID number is called.

Availability: starting from Sippy 2023

Setup Instructions

1.1. On System Management - IVR Applications create a new IVR Application of type Milliwatt Tone;

1.2. You need to name, add a description and choose Type - Milliwatt Tone. Then click Save & Close;

1.3. On Vendors - DID Numbers - DID Pool page assign the created IVR application to a new or existing DID/DID Range:

  • Select a number in DID Pool and configure it;

  • Configure your IVR to use the Milliwatt tone plugin by assigning the desired DID.

1.4. You can confirm your changes on the Test dial plan when you enter the assigned DID number;

1.5. Make an actual test call to the DID number and you will hear the IVR playing the Milliwatt tone.