Rerate CDRs feature allows to recalculate CDRs according to the corrected rates. 

You can rerate account's, customer's or vendor/connection's CDRs.

When creating a new recalculation it is important to schedule the recalculation in the future, so that you have enough time to upload corrected rates, most preferable is the off-peak period. 

Fields description:

  • Customer: if selected, the recalculation will affect customer CDRs of selected customer.
  • Account: if selected, the recalculation will affect account CDRs of selected account.
  • Vendor: if selected, choose further connections of vendor, the recalculation will affect connection CDRs of selected connections.
  • Period from: start date/time of the recalculation period, system will recalculate CDRs starting from this date.
  • Period to: finish date/time of the recalculation period, system will recalculate CDRs before this date.
  • When To Recalculate: the date/time of the recalculation process. It is highly recommended to choose off peak time.
  • Notepad: allows to add some notes for recalculation, for example "Correcting Mary upload from 01.02.2011".
  • Notification Email List: comma separated list of emails for recalculation notification. The system will notify these addresses about recalculation process. 

Steps to perform the recalculation:

  1. Find out whether you need to do the recalculation for an account, or the vendor/connection
  2. Find the period that you want to recalculate (lets say, from 03.05.15 till 13.05.15)
  3. Open the rerate page from Tools menu of your switch
  4. Create a new task, mentioning either the account, or the vendor's connection, and the timestamps for the beginning and the end of the period. Case you want to rerate huge amount of cdrs, it could be reasonable to schedule the procedure on your server's off-peak instead of now in When To Recalculate field.
  5. After adding the new task, you should be able to press Download button for this job to get the template that is required to be filled for the rerate
  6. Fill the template with the corrected Prefix, Interval 1, Interval N, Price 1, Price N and set SA as desired Action, that should allow the recalculation to be done for all calls made by this account/terminated through the vendor's connection for the period of time using the mentioned prefix. Note, case the intervals and prices are the same as in particular CDR for the prefix, such CDR won't be recalculated.
  7. Add the file with the Browse button and then press Upload to upload the sheet
  8. The expected output:

Upload has completed successfully:

- N rows processed;

- N commands recognized;

- N records added;

- 0 records updated;

- 0 records deleted.

        9. Wait for the rerate script to process the new data (up to 10 minutes)

       10. The balance of an account/vendor would be corrected as well as the corresponding cdrs within the affected range.


All releases of the Sippy Softswitch starting from 2.2 version.