Described here configuration is in fact a shorthand for the Calling Card application with the topup CLD option turned on.

Call routing setup

  1. Add vendor connection. Set the Asterisk's host/port in the Destination field of Vendor Connection (ex:
  2. Set the CLD Translation Rule for the connection to the value s/.*/cctopup/. Optionally the set of supported languages can be specified in the CLD (ex: s/.*/cctopup_en_th_ru/). Add other appropriate options of Calling Card application.
  3. Add route to this connection and specify the Top-Up Card Extension number.

Configuration options

Option Meaning Default
Top-Up Card Length The maximum allowed number of digits of top-up card 10

Database usage

The application uses the accounts and finrecs tables for authentication purposes, to retrieve the value of the user's balance and to make balance transfers.