Call routing setup

No special routing setup required for the application to work. But special configuration may be created for the SER to prevent recording CDRs for the calls generated by the application.

TODO: write simple ser.cfg example

Configuration options

WARNING! Both Section and Option values MUST be lowercase in the database. They are mixed case here for readability only.

Section Option Meaning Default
FirstRegistration ScanIntervalSec The time between the attempts to find accounts to make a Welcome Call to 30 seconds
FirstRegistration BackoffIntervalSec Failed attempts to make welcome call will be retried after the interval increasing by this value 10 minutes
FirstRegistration MaxCallIntervalSec The time between retries to make Welcome Call cannot exceed this value 14400 seconds (4 hours)
FirstRegistration TimeoutMsec The amount of time the application will wait for answer 30000 milliseconds
FirstRegistration ThresholdMsec The minimum amount of time that the user must keep listening to the message after which Welcome Call is considered successful* 3000 milliseconds
FirstRegistration cli CLI to use while originating Welcome Calls** NULL (means Anonymous)
FirstRegistration SIPProxy The host:port tuple defining the host where originated calls are to go
FirstRegistration MaxAttempts The maximum number of failures to make welcome call. 20

* If the duration of the message is less than this value then a Welcome Call is considered successful after the whole prompt has been playe.

** If the CLI is not NULL then the application finds the account corresponding to CLI and uses it's authentication information to originate a call.

Database usage

The application uses IVR Prompts facility for the Welcome Call message storage.

Setting a custom prompt

It is possible to play a custom greeting to the user from the Welcome Call application. The first step is to create an IVR prompt:

$ /home/ssp/scripts/ivr_prompt_utils -c welcome.sln welcome_prompt 'This is a Welcome Call prompt'
New prompt created with i_ivr_prompt = 30

The prompt is ready. Now assign this prompt to the accounts: 

UPDATE accounts SET welcome_call_ivr = 30 WHERE ...