Common configuration options

Option Meaning Default

Login Name Length Maximum number of digits in the account name [deprecated value, relates to custom voicemail scenario in old versions]
PIN Length Maximum number of digits in the PIN code 10
Number_Of_Login_Attempts Maximum number of attempts to enter the username or PIN code 3
Prompt Timeout Time to wait for keypress after the prompt has finished playing 10000 milliseconds
Default IVR Language This locale is used if all attempts to determine the locale have failed en
Initial Pause (PDD) Time to insert pause (delay) at the very beginning of IVR session 500 milliseconds
Alternative Prompts Path to an alternative prompt set to be used instead of main set. This is usually partial prompt set that is used to change only few prompts of the main set.
Early Media Mode Start the application in the Early Media mode (SIP response 183 Session Progress). False
Disable PIN Disable PIN authentication in most applications. False

Common CLD options

delay<milliseconds> or delaymsec<milliseconds> Time to insert pause (delay) at the very beginning of IVR session
earlymedia Start the application in the Early Media mode (SIP response 183 Session Progress).
nopin Disable PIN authentication in most applications.
instance<num> Use specified instance number while taking the configuration values from the ivr_config table. All configuration options in the database have instance number i_ivr_instance. If this number is 1 then the specified value overrides the default value for all instances. If the i_ivr_instance is not 1 then it will take effect only when IVR application is invoked with CLD option instance<num>

Database connection options

Current implementation uses the database based storage of configuration options. In order to connect to the configuration database administrator of ivrd should specify the database connection parameters via the command line:

    --dbhost=<HOST>     Address of database server
    --dbport=<PORT>     Port on which the database server accepts connections
    --database=<NAME>   The name of the database
    --dbuser=<NAME>     The username to use to access the database
    --dbtype=<postgresql|mysql> The database driver to use (default: postgresql)

But connection to the SSP database is considered different from configuration database. The following configuration parameters describe the database connection to the SSP database:

Section Option Meaning Default

Database Host Database host
Database Port TCP port that database server is listening
Database DbName Database name sippy
Database UserName Username to connect with sippy
Database Password Password to use

Other options

Do not change these defaults without absolute necessity!

Section Option Meaning Default

General TmpDir Temporary directory location (used for temporary storage of voice messages, etc.) None (means OS specific default)
General DefaultFormat This format will be used for message recording if session uses codec different from G.729 sln
General PromptsDir Location of prompts /home/ssp/prompts/ivrd
General G729QueueFile Spool file location for G.729 converter, the subsystem of ivrd (obsoleted in 1.5) /var/spool/voicemail/vm_queue.txt
General PluginDir Location of IVR Applications /home/ssp/ivrd/plugins
General PluginEtcDir Location of configuration files for the IVR Applications. (Currently only the App1027 uses configuration file). /home/ssp/etc
General UnknownCurrencyPrecision How many digits to say after the decimal point. This applies to unknown currencies only 2