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1. Install the application

2. Start the application.

3. Go through audio tuning wizard.

4. Click on the Options button.

5. In the Options window select Profiles tab.

6. Push New button.

7. Enter some descriptive profile name and click OK.

8. In the Profile Options window select SIP Proxy tab. Enter DNS name of your SIP proxy into Proxy domain field and the same name into User domain. Uncheck Unregister contact address only checkbox and push OK button to close Profile Options window.

9. In the Service window enter SIP account details: account's VoIP Login into Account field and VoIP Password into Password field. Push OK button to close Service window.

10. Push OK to close Options window.

11. The status text in the SJPhone should change to "registered as ...". The phone is ready to make calls.

NOTE: May be malfunctioning in Microsoft Vista and above!