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Graphing Sippy Calls in Grafana

Hi All,
To get this working you will need to use some backend for grafana, I am using influxdb, and i use telegraf to get stats from external script into influx.

You will also need API access aswell as DB SELECT access.

In the end you should end up with graphs for customers and you can filter by any customer and their accounts/customer under them.

Customer Graph:


Vendor Graphs:


Telegraf script:

Customer Graph:

Vendor Graph:

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This is class! We will implement this directly in our portals and perhaps add some of our added values on top of it. We should start a community with those nice added values that is contributing SippySoft to the next level. 
Thanks very much for sharing this with us. 

Kind regards,

Ferry Stienstra

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Hello Trevor,

Are you willing to implement this for us?

We are willing to pay for this.


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Ho Rogelio, Sure drop me a mail at

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