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Why do we highly recommend our customers to have ongoing support and maintenance contact to be successful?

Sippy Software recognizes the fact that your business depends on continuous operation of your VoIP network and we designed Sippy Softswitch to be extremely robust and reliable software system. This creates a false illusion that once deployed will continue to operating non-stop without any maintenance whatsoever. We have seen many cases when our customers become over confident and continue operating heavily loaded softswitches without renewing their support and maintenance agreements for an extended amounts of time. However, the following considerations   need to be taken into account.

1. Outages do happen

Despite all advances in technology and built-in redundancies at many levels, hardware is not 100% reliable. Any piece of COTS (commercial off-the shelf equipment) has certain MTBF (mean time between failures) so sooner or later maintenance, repair or migration will be necessary. Our support team has tools, knowledge and experience to deal with such emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible. Had any of such incident happen to your system, it is likely to help you to do some initial diagnosis of the issue as well as instructions on how to deal with it.

2. Security is important

Voice traffic costs money and as any substance of considerable value it attracts all kinds of fraud and theft artists trying to gain from whoever is not handling it in a secure manner. We take that matter very seriously and our software has many levels of defense to protect you from any such adversaries. However, as any defense it cannot be 100% bullet-proof, new unforeseen bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered every day, some of those might be affecting our software as well. On average each version of Sippy Softswitch release receives 5 to 15 security updates during its life cycle. We do our best to notify our customers at timely manner and provide either fix or workaround. By not having ongoing maintenance contract you are keeping your system out of this loop and potentially putting your business at great financial risk.

3. Our Support Desk is 24/7.  Our business unit is not.

Sippy Software does its best to accommodate customers in different time zones and countries, however unlike our customer support desk which operates 24/7/365, our business division is located in a single time zone (Pacific Standard Time) and is subject to regular working hours (7am - 3pm, Mon-Fri) as well as national and regional holidays. Any emergency that may happen to your unsupported system outside those hours will be subject to additional delay.  This in a worst case scenario can lead to several calendar days before the support and maintenance contact can be re-instantiated and you will get a help from our technical team.

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