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SNMP Monitoring

Has anyone done any SNMP monitoring for Sippy? We have 2 environments however unable to pull accurate figures.

1. Bandwidth separation between environments.

Unable to get accurate data. Ie carp0/carp1 environment1/environment2

Bandwidth is shown on Main Em0 interface but not on the environment interface of carp0 or carp1..

2. Active calls per environment.

Unable to get a value, seems to always show 0.

If anyone has managed to get a proper snmp monitoring setup done please let me know.

I know one company Bitswits who has made so many tools for the sippysoft... and thats very useful, so far i have tested their following tools.

1) Bitseye ( Thats the graphical reporting of Call/ASR/ACD/PDD/NER/COST/REVENUE) for clients, vednors, destination etc.

2) Offline Ethereal capturing tool for all the calls ( require lot of space on the offline seperate server)

3) LCR Generation tool

If you want to know further do contact me at +923468280102



We have Solarwinds already. The problem is we are getting inaccurate data or no data. I don't think the problem lies not in the monitoring solutions rather how Sippy provides the data. For instance CARP0 and carp 1  (2 environments)interfaces never go beyond 500kbps. While EM0 will go to 5+mbps.


Bitswits has cater the problem via customize scripts implementation instead of SNMP and for my company its going successfully infact thats the eye and ear for us.

Bitseye does not have the BW graph/environment but it has the active call graphs in a very detail manner.



Hi Mike what is the url for the bitswits ?

you can contact them at



Dear Arif,

As far as per-env bandwidth go, there is no way to output it yet via SNMP. It should not be that difficult to implement, I'll talk to our development team and see what we can do.

The active calls counters should be working though. It sound like a bug. I suggest you open a ticket with our support system and let us fix it for you.



For the active calls value per environment you may use either SippyEnvActiveCalls or SippyEnvConnectedCalls from SIPPY-MIB.txt file, example for 1st and 2nd environment:

snmpwalk -v2c -m ~ssp/etc/SIPPY-MIB.txt -c public localhost SippyEnvActiveCalls.1.1

snmpwalk -v2c -m ~ssp/etc/SIPPY-MIB.txt -c public localhost SippyEnvActiveCalls.1.2

snmpwalk -v2c -m ~ssp/etc/SIPPY-MIB.txt -c public localhost SippyEnvConnectedCalls.1.1

snmpwalk -v2c -m ~ssp/etc/SIPPY-MIB.txt -c public localhost SippyEnvConnectedCalls.1.2

Please, note that you should replace the localhost with the host you want to check the SMTP value, and snmpd should work on this host (usually means that the services work from it).

For more information according your custom configuration, please, submit a ticket.

You can also read our knowledge base on this matter from the link:

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