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ASR/ACD is low what to do?

 i need help that if a customer asks that asr/acd is low for specific prefix then what should we do? kindly tell me asap.

sir can i ask you more questions if you can help me


sir if someone ask me that traffic is very low what does that mean?


Dear Noc1,

low ASR could depend on the variety of reasons.

The first thing you can do is to biuld ASR/ACD report with Termination display Summary by connection - that could help you to find out which connection has the worst ASR/ACD.

Then you can check the vendors CDRs to check the Result field, this information could be forwarded to your vendor.

As well as reporting the issue to the vendor you can contact our support via this portal and ensure that there are no issues in your system, and that you're running the latest stable Sippy's version.

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