1. "Account Class" feature

The "Account Class" menu changed from version 2.1  Below are images of how it looked in 2.0 and in 2.1:

  • Version 2.0:

  • Version 2.1:


All parameters that can be enabled in Account Class are applied to all Accounts which belong to it.

2. Allow registration for Account

The Allow Registration function in the Account menu allows you to perform Authentication based on VoIP Login and VoIP Password parameters using the SIP secure digest authentication method. If the field is unchecked, it disables registration and SIP secure digest authentication, but it does not disable Authentication based on the Authentication Rules associated with each account.


3. "Account Lookup" feature

Account Lookup by "Incoming CLI/ANI" works only if it is setup in Accounts --> Account XXXX --> Authentication Rules

4. "Incoming Routing" feature

The system allows you to configure specific routing options for incoming calls to an Account.

For example:

If Account A calls (for example a DID number), the call is routed to the specified trunk (PBX, connection etc.) which was configured in the Account properties of "Incoming Routing" and not to the registered UA (which the Account assigned to B). Alternatively, you can add the Account to the "Incoming Routing" and the call will be forwarded to the registered UA.

Source field - for example a DID number assigned to the Account 

Trunk field - for example the external PBX, gateway, particular connection, etc.

Forward DID in enabled state lets you save the original CLD [DID number] in the outgoing packet to the trunk or the registered UA. The disabled checkbox means that the UA/trunk would receive the name of the Account that is assigned to the DID in the CLD field.

You can also configure routing from calls that come from On-Net through the (Source field).  So you can route On-Net calls (calls from in inside the switch) to your particular connection.

5. "Trunks" feature

The Trunks feature allows you to forward calls made to an Account through to a specific path; similar to a Connection, but for an Account, instead of a Vendor.

The prime field in this feature is Main Destination which requires the IP address (or hostname) of the system where the calls will be forwarded.  Outbound CLD is an optional parameter.


6. 2 Way Callback

Feature available only when the Web Callback module is purchased.

This feature connects two destinations together from the Account's self-care interface.

Login as Account and access Callback under the Services section.


Note. Web-callback module must be installed.

7. Allow Free On-Net Calls

By default the Softswitch rejects the free of charge On-Net calls when either the Account's or sub-Customer's balance is below zero. 

Starting from 5.2 a new option called "Allow Free On-Net Calls" was added to the Advanced Parameters of Account preferences and to the Calling Features section of Account Class.

Selecting the checkbox allows you to change the behavior and pass the free On-Net calls regardless of the Account's balance.  The option can be altered via xmlapi and our upload resource.

The feature was partially backported to 5.0 and 5.1 versions but full support is only available from 5.2.