Supported since version 2.1.

General overview

The Follow me feature allows accounts to redirect incoming calls to different numbers. For example, an Account owner can redirect incoming calls to his mobile if he is not available on the primary number. The feature can be enabled or disabled in the Account's properties. User can configure numbers and the Follow Me mode from his self-care interface. Follow me calls are billed to the Account, which has configured Follow Me. The Account can list other Accounts in his Follow Me list. 

The Follow Me nesting level is currently unlimited, but this might be changed in the future. The feature appears in the 2.1 release of Sippy Softswitch.

Please note, the Follow Me feature works only for On-net enabled Accounts:

- for calls to Registered Account

- for calls to Trunks (starting from Sippy2020)

How to activate the Follow Me feature

In your Account, under Advanced Parameters, enable Follow me in the check-box:

Select from the action list the "Follow Me" option:

Enter the "Phone number/CLD" and the "Follow Me Mode" desired (always, off, on busy, on no answer, on unavailable):

If more than one number is required, enter the details in the "Phone Number/CLD" field and click on the green "+" symbol. 

Specify "Order Preference" (in which order calls will be forwarded) and "Timeout, sec" (waiting timeout for every follow me) to structure your Call Forwarding sequence.

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