Monitoring Graphs

Why do I see 50% drop in network throughput on my systems monitoring page?

In April of 2014, we identified a long standing bug where the network monitoring system was double counting packets. The bug was fixed on the 14th of April in all branches of the code.
The result of the fix is that the network monitoring graphs on the Sippy Softswitch Monitoring page will show a 50% drop in network throughput.

Rates and Routes

Q. How do I upload a Vendor Rate Deck?


In Sippy, a Destination Set is what represents a Rate Deck.  You can manage Destination Sets in the Routing/Destination Sets section of your softswitch..

Q. How do I increase the number of decimal places for rates on Tariffs and Destination Sets?


The default number of decimals shown in Sippy is two.  You can increase the number of decimal places shown in your system by increasing the Display Precision value in the System Parameters/Web Interface section.

Q. How do I enable Interstate and Intrastate rates on my Tariffs and Destination Sets?


Local Calling is disabled by default.  You can enable Local Calling for a specific Tariff or Destination Set.  For more information please see the Local Calling documentation.


Q. Is my system vulnerable to the "Heartbleed" SSL problem?


The Sippy Softswitch is not affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Q. How do I change the base currency of my environment?


Base Currency can be adjusted in the Preferences of ssp-root user:

This can only be done with a brand new environment if it does not contain any tariffs, service plans, accounts, etc.  If you want to reset all data to change Base Currency please contact our Support staff.  Alternatively you can use Exchange Rates to convert currencies according to your needs.

Q. Why do CDRs older than 6 months not appear in my environment?


Please check Data Retention policies in System Parameters tab:

It might be that CDRs have been removed from database and archived.  Please contact Support staff for further restoration.

Q. How Do I view the SIP log of a call?


SIP logs can be extracted via System Management->Tools->SIP Logs Viewer by Call-ID.   The Call-ID can be acquired from the CDRs page:

Q. Why do I get the error: "Another Authentication Rule with conflicting parameters exists"?


There is an existing authentication rule somewhere on your switch with the same Incoming CLI/CLD/Remote IP Address parameters.  By design, authentication rules must be unique.  You can look for conflicting rules via My Customers -> Account Lookup.

Q. How do I migrate my environment to new hardware?


1. Send a migration request to our Support staff

2. Our Billing team will send a migration invoice to you

3. Once the invoice is paid, the case is forwarded to the support team

4. The support team installs Sippy Software on the target server

5. The support team prepares migration requirements like data replication

6. Once the data is synchronized, the switch-over to the new hardware is performed when it is convenient for you