The feature has been added in 4.2 version.


This feature lets you perform the centralized management for destination sets along multiple environments/switches.

The change to the source destination set (e.g. change in Connect Fee) would be automatically replicated to all target destination sets.

All parameters of the exportable destination set, including routes with their billing parameters (Price 1, Price N, Preference, Intervals, etc) would be replicated from the main switch to all other where the importable destination set is configured.

Adding a new route, deleting the existing one, or modifying the parameters of existing route on source destination set would be automatically replicated to the target destination sets.

Neither parameters of the target destination set would be used in routing and shown at dial plan output.

Feature description:

  • Import errors are recorded in DB
  • Switch admin could receive the email notifications on import error
  • Import error means that the export of Destination Set would be re-tried every 15 minutes for the next 12 hours. Destination Set would still be used in routing.  Switch admin would receive the corresponding notification, if this option is configured.
  • After 12 hours of unavailability of source destination set, the importable one would be temporary banned for up to 14 days since error was first detected, and won't be used in routing. Switch admin would receive the corresponding notification, if this option is configured. Destination Set would still be tried every 15 minutes, case its state returns to good, Destination Set would be unbanned and switch admin would receive the email notification.
  • Switch admin would have another email sent with destination set permanent ban warning, if this option is configured on Destination Set 24 hours before applying the permanent ban. The message is sent after 13 days since error was first detected.
  • Case the issue is still there after 14 days since since error was first detected, destination set would be permanently banned, and would be re-enabled only manually if needed by switch admin (Available on web interface starting from 5.1). Corresponding email would be sent to switch administrator, if this option is configured.

How to manage this feature:

1. Open source switch

2. Go to the destination sets, open the set you want to use as a shared one.

3. In Remote management choose Exportable option, press Save.

4. The shared key would be generated.

5. Copy that shared key to the clipboard

6. Go to the target server.

7. On the target server navigate to the Destination sets and create a new destination set with the needed name and billing parameters (connect fee, Post call surcharge, etc)

8. In Remote management section choose Type - Importable and paste there the key from the source server.

  • The sync process will start in less then 1 minute, large destination sets could be copied for few minutes, depending on the bandwidth.
  • After the destination set has been exported you'd be able to see the changes on the test dial plan on the destination server.
  • Any change to Destination
  • Any change to exportable Destination Set, including changes to any route on the source server would be reflected on the destination box in the cache for that importable destination set, visible on Test Dialing Plan and calls charging.

Note: only the binary cache is copied, you won't be able to check on the target server's database the list of the exported routes, login to the source server to do that!