What is the purpose of this feature?

The "Registrations" feature allows you to keep a registered connection on the Vendor end. In other words, it is possible to register a Sippy Environment with your Vendor as a device/UA. The main purpose of this action is to let you cope with the restriction some Vendors have for passing traffic through an unregistered SIP Account on their end.

For example:

  • if DID provider requires UA registration for end point device
  • if Customer uses an external PBX, and wants to configure it to work with Sippy

What should be done in the Sippy SoftSwitch to configure registration properly?

1. Create the appropriate Vendor and Connection

2. Specify Username/Password in the Connection properties for digest authorization

3. Open "Registrations" page

4. Click Add button

5. In the new "Registration", specify the Vendor and Connection you created

Fields description:

  • Name - name of carrier
  • Description - some notes for the new entry
  • Vendor - Vendor which is going to be associated with the Registration
  • Contact - the Connection's username and the Sippy system IP, e.g : sip:login@
  • Domain - SIP address (IP or domain name) of the Vendor
  • Connection - Connection that is associated with the Registration
  • Username - the Connection's username
  • Expires - expiration time in seconds for REGISTER request

How much time does it take to get my Connection registered?

Expiry of the registration : configurable in >=Sippy 2021, 180 seconds (hard-coded) for earlier versions

How do I know that the Registration was made successfully?

When the Status light goes from yellow to green, it means that registration has completed successfully:

If the Status light is red, check if credentials in the connection properties are correct.

How to suspend a Registrations entry temporarily and pause the new REGISTER requests?

Starting from Sippy 2020 it'd be enough to set connection configured in Registrations blocked on Web UI.