What: "Disallow Loops" is a feature that has been designed to optimize system load by dismissing multiple outbound calls

Where: Disallow Loops is a feature that is located within an Account's Advanced Parameters. The Disallow Loops feature affects all Accounts that have the Disallow Loops attribute enabled.

Who: This feature can advantage high-volume traffic scenarios such as Call Centers, or 

Why: The main purpose of the feature is to prevent a call from traversing the softswitch more than once when a loop exists in routing (either accidentally or deliberately) and the Vendor sends the call back to the softswitch instead of terminating it elsewhere.

How: Both CLI and CLD are checked across all active calls within the Accounts who have the Disallow Loops feature enabled.

When: A call with matching CLI and CLD attributes will disallow additional connection attempts. The Account will receive the "403 Call Loop Detected" response.