What is it?  "Disallow Loops" is a feature that has been designed to reduce system load by prohibiting multiple outbound, "looped" calls.


Where is it configured?  It is configured in each Account's Advanced Parameters.  The Disallow Loops feature affects all Accounts that have the Disallow Loops attribute enabled.


Who is the feature for?  This feature is beneficial for users with high-volume traffic such as Call Centers.


Why is the feature needed?  The main purpose of the feature is to prevent a call from traversing the softswitch more than once when a loop exists in routing (either accidentally or deliberately).  The feature is engaged when a Vendor sends the call back to the softswitch instead of terminating it. 


How does it work?  Both CLI and CLD are checked across all active calls within Accounts that have the Disallow Loops feature enabled.


When is it active?   When more than one active call with the same CLI and CLD attributes is detected, the feature will disallow more than one connection attempt.  The Account will receive the "403 Call Loop Detected" response.