This article describes features that you will find in Customer settings.

Acct. Matching Rule is a regular expression used to match Accounts for sub-Customers.  To add an Account under the Customer, you have to be logged in under the specific Customer.  The setting affects new Accounts and partially existing Accounts. For example, value "1000[1-9]$" will limit names of accounts from 10001 to 10009.

When a switch operator tries to define a new matching rule for a particular Customer and there are existing Accounts under the Customer, the operator will be presented a warning and three options on how to proceed.  

  • Edit Again (Edit rule so it would match)

  • Delete Non-Matching Accounts (Delete non-matching accounts)

  • Proceed with Update (Ignore non-matching accounts)

Overcommit Protection is a setting that helps avoid fraud from sub-Customers.  The setting prevents the Accounts of a sub-Customer from topping up their balance higher then the balance of the Customer.  For example if the Overcommit limit was set to 10% and the customer balance was set to $100 then the maximum balance of the client account is $110.

Commission Agenallows you to set a payment of dividends for all calls of a specified entity to the Agent.  See more information in related articles:

Extended Routing

This feature allows you to assign several Routing Groups with different Tariffs for one Customer.  As result, the Customer will be able to choose different Routing Groups and assign them to his Accounts.

Calls done by accounts that have non-default Routing Group assigned would be charged to the Customer's balance with matching Tariff from Extended Routing, not the Base Tariff.